The SRS Group was established at the beginning of 2008, on the 22nd of February. Over the years, the Group has built up a team of around 200 specialists in various fields, united by a common goal, which is to take care of the needs of our clients in a professional manner.
SRS Group branches are located in 4 major Lithuanian cities, namely, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai. Headquarters of the Group are located in Kaunas district, near Garliava. This distribution of the locations of branches is the result of the Group’s aim to be as close to its clients as possible and to promptly respond to the needs of its clients, regardless of where they are located in Lithuania.
Since 2015, the Group has been participating in various international exhibitions, which has resulted in an increasing number of orders each year from clients living abroad.

UAB SRS servisas has business liability insurance. SRS Group consists of the following companies:

SRS statyba is engaged in the fit-out of commercial premises according to the client’s design, both in Lithuania and abroad.

SRS gastro sells and maintains professional kitchen equipment.

Reklamos-meistrai design, manufacture, install and maintain a wide range of promotional products.

SRS Group is pleased to have earned the trust of Lithuanian trade, services and finance leaders and foreign partners.